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Aasaan Hotel

Simple Hotel Management


  • Reservation Management

    Manage all reservations, check-ins, walk-ins, room/time changes, checkout and other basic operations easily.
  • Room Plan

    Keep track of all current and upcoming accomodations and update reservations through the same interface.
  • Guest Profiles

    Easily set up guest profiles for individuals, companies, agencies and view transaction history.
  • Multi-currency

    Easily assign values in multiple currencies for all your products and services. Get payments in multiple currencies. Use daily exchange rates to publish account statements in a single currency.
  • Room Extras

    All products and services sold throughout the hotel can be defined in the system and charged as room extras.
  • Detailed Reports

    Get detailed reports that allow you to evaluate business decisions and increase your income.
  • Integrated Booking Engine

    Optionally, you can receive and manage bookings through your own website with seamless integration.
  • Role-based Access

    Users can be assigned different roles. This limits the authority of the r users, who can access the system. Easily access history of all user activities.
  • E-mail Messages

    Send automated e-mails to customers and users at certain stages.
  • High Level Security

    We use the world's most secure programming language Java™ and secure transactions with SSL technology. System automatically backs up all data on an hourly basis.
  • Location-Independent Access

    Access the system online on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Multi-Language Support

    You can now use the system in English or Turkish. Other language options will be available soon.
  • Compatible with devices

    Thanks to the "Responsive" design, the system is compatible with all devices with browsers.
  • Video Tutorials

    To increase ease of use, we provide access to video tutorials on any related page.


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  • Standard Plan
  • ₹400 /month
  • 20 rooms
  • Reservation management, room plan, multi-currency, room extras, reports, guest profiles
  • online / telephone support included
  • training and configuration free-of-charge
  • + room ₹50/month
  • Ability to freeze the rooms you're not using offseason for ₹30 / room / month
  • Sign-up
  • Premium Plan
  • ₹800 /month
  • 20 rooms
  • Standard Plan features + optional reservation, no-show, rate code management.
  • Integrated Web Booking Engine at your website with 0% commission
  • online / telephone support included
  • training and configuration free-of-charge
  • Premium Add-ons
  • + room ₹50/month
  • Ability to freeze the rooms you're not using offseason for ₹30 / room / month
  • + Reseliva Channel Management System and integration: ₹1800/month
  • + Android 3G/WiFi Tablet with Aasaanhotel app installed: ₹700/month
  • Sign-up

Service tax is not included.



Since 2007, Istanbul Goa Digital Design & Infotech Pvt. Ltd. deals in hotel and hotel-sector related software solutions offering custom services. Our specific focus on this sector has made us become one of the most experienced and leading companies in professional hotel management systems. Our broad portfolio of products serves different segments, from chain hotels to individual hotels.

Aasaan Hotel, is our newest product and has been developed device and location independent, considering the needs of small hotels.


Some of our customers:

 Robin's Nest Eco Lodge & SPA, İstanbul

 Babylon Apart Hotel, İzmir

 Avşa Kaan Motel, Balıkesir

 Tranquilla, İstanbul

 Rent A Studio, Ankara


Istanbul Goa Digital Design & Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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Tel: +91 832 227 33 60